Palestinians ’are bound to win’

Why Israelis are prophesying the end of their state?

por Ramzy Baroud - 15/06/2022


Facebook removes Gaza Shehab News Agency from platform

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 15/07/2021

Shehab news director Hossam Al-Zayegh described Facebook’s action as a new violation of the freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by international law.

George Floyd should still be alive

por Indigenous Environmental Network - 21/04/2021

Despite the verdict in Chauvin’s case, the system that allowed for the murder of George Floyd is still intact.

Al Jazeera targets right-wing audience in US

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 24/02/2021

The intended audience are "centre-right folks" who feel poorly served by mainstream media.

Un special rapporteur urges US to lift the blockade against Venezuela

por - 15/02/2021

The Special Rapporteur of the United Nations (UN) on the effects of sanctions on human rights, Alena Douhan, held a press conference today before leaving Venezuela. Douhan detailed the impact of the United States’ unilateral coercive measures on the Venezuelan people.

Guatemala’s Land Defenders Are Still Their Own Best Defense

por Ellen Moore, Jen Moore - 13/02/2021

Rising corruption in Guatemala threatens landmark legal victories by Indigenous activists defending their land from mining.

2021 World Social Forum will have a strong Palestine focus

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 20/01/2021

The 2021 World Social Forum (WSF) events will discuss the Palestinian issue at length.

What are the challenges of WSF 2021 in relation to the global situation?

por Gustave Massiah - 19/01/2021

The challenges of the World Social Forum 2021 are high. In a deep contradictory world situation, it must make it possible to: redefine an alterglobalist proposal corresponding to the new situation; understand the new contradictions of the world system; start from the movements to resist, define the alternatives, build a new emancipation project.

WSF disseminates general information on the virtual edition

por - 15/01/2021

To participate, interested parties must register and their organizations at the link

Covid-19 triggered a new anti-globalisation dynamic

por Sergio Ferrari - 11/01/2021

« Common and comprehensive responses to the global crisis » - Carminda Mac Lorin, member of the International Council of the World Social Forum and Executive Director of the NGO Katalizo

Opinion - Storming of Capitol shows America has entered the Weimar era

por Walden Bello - 07/01/2021

The violent storming of the Capitol by a Trumpian mob underlines the face of things to come

Declaration of the Feminist Confluence against all forms of violence

por Confluência Feminista - 04/01/2021

From the Feminist Confluence of Transformative Economies on this November 25th (25N), "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women" we launched this manifesto, mobilised and organised against the forms of economic violence that have been articulated with patriarchal, racist and xenophobic violence. Under this perspective, we want to condemn all forms of violence against women, transvestites, trans people, lesbians, bisexuals, and non-binaries.

On the future of the World Social Forum

por - 02/01/2021


World Social Forum Newsletter

por - 28/12/2020

Virtual Planetary Edition - January 23 to 31, 2021

A contribution to the debate on the future of the WSF

por Chico Whitaker - 16/12/2020

This text, intended only as a small contribution to the debate on the future of the WSF

Al Jazeera broadcaster sues Saudi, UAE rulers for fabricating nude photos

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 15/12/2020

The Hill website reported that Oueiss filed the case in the Southern District Court in Florida.

Some considerations for the debate on the renewal of the World Social Forum

por Gustave Massiah - 12/12/2020

Thanks to Francine for her excellent, stimulating and inspiring text. And thanks for launching the basic debate we need to renew the World Social Forum.

Campaign "Free Assange!"

por IPA Europe - 10/12/2020

International People’s Assembly launchs an Open Letter to the Government of the United Kingdom

Another World Social Forum is possible

por Francine Mestrum - 07/12/2020

In January 2021 the World Social Forum will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Journalist Solafa Magdy spends 1 year in Egypt prison

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 27/11/2020

It has been one year since the arrest and detention of the journalist Solafa Magdy, her husband and their friend.

A Triumphant Return to Power for Bolivia’s Social Movements

por Leonardo Flores - 25/11/2020

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Bolivia on November 8 to celebrate the inauguration of President Luis Arce.

World Social Forum organizes global meeting against Davos 2021

por Tord Björk - 18/11/2020

The financial and big business elite who meet in Davos every year needs more than ever a counterweight. That is the opinion of popular movements from all over the world. Therefore, they have now decided to organize the World Social Forum WSF 25 - 30 January 2021 with actions and meetings around the world connected online for a week.

Things May Get Worse Before They Get Better for the U.S.

por Walden Bello - 17/11/2020

For many, Trump’s ouster is a relief. But his steadfast support among white voters puts his party on a crash course with democracy.

Reflections on the FSM process

por Oded Grajew - 16/11/2020

Facilitation of the Virtual Forum 2021

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