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The World Dignity Forum`s question:

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Photo by Frineia Rezende, Ciranda: Dalits performing the march past in WSF

The World Dignity Forum (WDF) organized an interaction program at Stadium Hall of Kasarani Sports Complex, Nairobi as a part of World Social Forum 2007 on 23rd January 2007.

The program was chaired and conducted by WDF International moderator Ms. Jennifer Chiringa, Kenya and assisted by Ms. Liepollo Leobohang Pheko, South Africa. The representatives from all over the world participated the program.

The poets Ptika Nthuli and Caroline Nderitu welcomed the participants from their heart touching poems. Another young poet Ms. Lebogang Mashile presented her heartfelt and sentimental poems with action and arts in between the program, which helped us to make the program entertaining and enjoyful.

The speakers in this WDF Summit were Mr. Mukul Sharma from India, Mr. Om Prakash VK Gahatraj from Nepal, Malik Gueye from Senegal, Ms. Mama Fani and Dudu Hadebe from South Africa, Mr. Mesbah Kamal from Bangladesh, Sofonea Shale from Lesotho, Makandi Wanjohi from Kenya and Mr. Outtara Diakalia from Ivory Coast.

All the speakers highlighted their speeches on human rights and social justice. They expressed their feelings saying, “Why do we still remain unprotected, oppressed, and constantly accompanied by a sense of humiliation”. International Moderator Ms. Jennifer Chiringa elaborated the speeches made in their local languages.

All the speakers highlighted the need of WDF and international solidarity to fight against caste, gender and racial discrimination, imperialism and neo-colonialism. Speaking in the program as a representative from Nepal Mr. Om Prakash VK Gahatraj presented the glimpse of new political scenario of Nepal and its ongoing peace process. He presented the clear picture of the deprived status of Dalits in Nepal.

Most of the participants were surprised listening about the total exclusion of Dalits in the development process of Nepal and became sympathetic. The chairperson of the program Ms Chiringa briefed the speech of Mr. VK Gahatraj in her local languages. Most of the speakers presented their social, economic and political problems by which they are suffering and sought the international solidarity to overcome it. Ms.Jennifer Chiringa concluded the session.

On the same day another interaction program was organized by WDF South Asia Regional Office, Nepal at D1 Room of Kasarani Sports Complex, Nairobi. Mr. Om Prakash VK Gahatraj, member of WDF conducted the program. In this interaction program Mr. Moti Lal Nepali, Convener of WDF South Asian Region presented a paper on the topic “South Asian Dalit Problems and its Potential Solution”.

On the paper Mr. Nepali highlighted the overall economic, social and political problems of South Asia. He emphasized that the South Asia has become the revolutionary zone. He gave the example of Nepal and said Nepal is going to be converted from absolute feudal monarchy to people’s republican democracy as a result of people’s Movement-II.

However, there has been only the change in political system and government taking place now, but not the change in human behavior and impulse. Mr. Nepali emphasized the need of a cultural revolution, which brings total change in society so that everyone could get dignity in the society. In his paper Mr. Nepali gave other examples of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri-lanka. He said we all should fight against inhuman social dictatorships across the South Asia, bringing humanity and peace in the region. He expected 21st Century to be a Dalit emancipation era.

Many participants commented on the paper of Mr. Moti Lal Nepali and said the struggle of downtrodden people of South Asia must get success once for all. Many of the commentators expressed their moral support in the struggle of South Asian People. The prominent personalities who commented on the paper were Federico Mininni, Creative Director of Koine, Italy, Mr. Peter Grant of World People’s Resistance Movement, Mr. Ken Olende, Web editor of Socialist Worker, UK, and Mr. Sanjeev Ranjan of PACS (DFID), India, Mr. Yoko

Akimoto Secretary of ATTAC, Japan, Dr. Kalyani Meena of India, Ms. Omar Perez of Caracas, Venezuela, Mr. Quattara Diakalia, Coordinator of WDF Africa, Dr. Shiraz A.Wajih, President of Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group, India and Ms. Nancy Ropando, Program Manager of Volunteers for Africa Organization. At the end of the interaction program Mr. Miguel Angel Martinez, Dy Leader of European Parliament assured to support Dalit movement in Nepal and also he disclosed that he has raised the issue of Dalits in many forums. Mr. Moti Lal Nepali concluded the session.

The Nepalese delegates visited many other events as well. At the beginning, the Nepalese delegates did march past in the complex with their banner in collaboration with the Kenyan local people. The participants from abroad also supported the march past under Nepalese banner. Druing the march past, the Nepalese cap and attire have become the matter of attraction among audience.

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