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Dictatorship of the Finances: "our action has that to be international”

domingo 23 de abril de 2006, por Giliate Coelho Neto,

One of the greatest challenges of the popular movements in Brazil today is
to change the governmental economic policy. With a strong base and protected
by powerful interests, the neoliberal paradigm has been passed almost
untouchable by the presidential succession, even with the dissatisfaction of
the majority of the population and criticizes did by the social movements.

Is with this mote that the group of debates happened today per the
afternoon: "Alternative to the financial dictatorship: justice tax,
participative budget, auditorship of the external debt and control of the
capital flow: the function of the society in the proposal of a new economic
policy ".

The international integration of the financial system finishes for
demanding an action that goes beyond the borders of the countries. This is
Matii Kohonem’s opinon, doctorater in sociology, from Finland, and guest of
the organization of the debate. According to Martii, the international money
laudering on the part of the company multinationals is each more complex
time. He proposes the requirement of an international accounting of these
companies, as form to restrain what he called "money laundry".

After the impact of the neoliberal politics in the governments of Collor
and FHC an new offensive would be in course, of this time to reduce public
expenses and to remove rights of the workers. According to representative
Sérgio Miranda (PDT-MG), the Central banking has as primary concern the
solution of the public debt and transmission of credibility to the
creditors. According Miranda, the documents about the subject already can be
found in the site of the IPEA