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Who are we

segunda-feira 28 de junho de 2010, por Hilde C Stephansen,

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Ciranda is an open network, governed by the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum. It has a facilitation team in Brazil, in charge of keeping the initiative in permanent dialogue with new alternative media interested in the exchange of efforts to cover issues related to the affirmation that Another World Is Possible.

Intermediaries and partners in various regions and countries participate in this facilitation, making it difficult to name them all.

An up-to-date list of the network of authors participating since 2006 is available from the link Authors on the Ciranda website, open for consultation by any registered author.

The editorial team of Ciranda 2010, also open to new members, can be reached by email ciranda@ciranda.net.

Contact the editorial team:

Rita Freire - rita@ciranda.net (Editor for the World Social Forum)

Terezinha Vicente - terezinhavicente@ciranda.net (Editor for Women)

Rita Casaro - ritacasaro@ciranda.net (Editor for Rights and Public Policy)

Fernanda Estima - fernandaestima@ciranda.net (Editor for the Americas)

Soraya Misleh - sorayamisleh@ciranda.net (Editora par Culture and Migration)

Vanessa Silva - vanessa@ciranda.net (Editor for the Pan-Amazon Social Forum)

Viriato Tamele - viriatotamele@ciranda.net (Editor for Africa)

Ana Facundes - anafacundes@ciranda.net (Editor for Rights and Public Policy)

Barbara Ablas - barbara@ciranda.net (Editor for Children and Youth)

Gal Souza e Lina Rosa - galsouza@ciranda.net, lina@estadao.br (Editors for Afro-Brazilian Culture)

Deborah Moreira - deborah@ciranda.net (Editor for Art and Culture)

Normal Fernandes - normafer2003@yahoo.com.ar (Buenos Aires)

Hilde Stephansen - h.c.stephansen@gmail.com (London)