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Coup and setbacks in Brazil

quinta-feira 12 de maio de 2016, por Ciranda - Document,

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Message of Brazilian Collective to the World Social Forum international organizations

Dear friends

We’ve just lived today a sad morning marked by the mandate of the suspension of President Dilma Rousseff, in an attack on our young democracy. It is also a coup against the social policies headed by the governments cycle in which Brazil was ruled by a worker and then by a woman.

Errors aside, which have always been appointed by the Left and social movements, it is not because of them that the government is being away, but , according to the words of President Dilma, a political legal (AND MEDIATIC, as we add) farce organized by the parties which lost the election in 2014

Rousseff said she has faced in her life the unspeakable pain of torture, alsol the pain of the disease, but now she is facing the pain of injustice, the worst pain to be imposed to a human being. Embraced by supporters who were receiving her at the exit of the Planalto Palace, Dilma added, besides the word injustice, the denunciation of treason. Her government will be taken over by the vice president whose party held the key ministries of her mandate but has left the government to vote for impeachment and thereby occupy the interim presidency.

I never imagined it would be necessary to fight back against a coup in my country, said Rousseff in a press declaration

The conservative and patriachal profile of this interim government is clear: no woman has even been designated (or accepted the designation) as a minister and it has already been decided the summary extinction of the strategic ministries for social emancipation as the Ministry of Culture and the Secretariat of Racial Equality and Women. The plan for the economy is all that the WSF combat, with the application of the neoliberal model of fiscal adjustment and loss of social and labor conquests

Accompanied by the former President Lula when leaving the Planaldo, Dilma Rousseff asked the Brazilian people to continue mobilizing and fighting peacefully for democracy.

While Congress decides the final impeachment vote, which may last from 3 to 6 months, we thank the international mobilization to denounce the ongoing coup in Brazil.
The World Social Forum has always been for us an international space marked by pressure for rights and democracy, which influenced the struggles in Latin America. We live now serious setbacks and threats in our continent So it is very important to recognize the WSF as a space for articulation of resistance and solidarity.

Fighting continues
May 12, 2016
Brazilian Collective of the WSF

Image: Agência Brasil